G&M Motor company Ltd
Polished Reflectons have valeted my sales cars for the last 2 years and i have to say that they make an excellent job, Richards attention to detail and approach is hard to find today. Our cars are given an 'as new' appearence when they are ready for sale and i expect them to look there best,Richard achieves this at all times.
In the time that Richard has been valeting my cars he has also taken care of my families cars and my E Type Jaguar shows cars which must be presented to a very high standard.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Richard (Polished Reflections) and the services that he offers.
G Pilkington ( G&M Motor Company Ltd)

RX8 and BMW M3
I was amazed at how many reflections were in my car. I was even more amazed when the rain came and I watched the water just run off the car.
The interior was spotless and smelt clean and fresh.
The whole car was gleaming.
A very friendly service with a professional attitude.
S James

Saxo VTR
I was very impressed with the way my car looked ,after a treatment from Polished Reflections. I have a 7 year old Saxo VTR which looked like new when returned and the attention to detail was outstanding.
The interior was equally as good. Due to the fact I own a dog a lot of dog hairs had stuck to the upholstery. On its return there were no dog hairs present.
I would not hesitate to use Richard again for his friendly and professional approach.
S Cropper

Mercedes CLS350 / Land Cruiser / VW Golf / Subaru Impreza
We are so pleased with the attention to detail on our cars we pass on Polished Reflections details to many others. They now use these valeting services too.
I would liken the experience to getting into a new car after each clean. In fact Richard sealed the Merc immediately it came new from the dealer. The difference between dealer clean and Polished Reflections clean was clear. The dealer valeter doesn't compare
J Franklin-Pryce (its my motorsport)

Ford Ka
Fantastic job Richard. My car has been brought back to the life. Thank you.
R Young