What is 'Detailing'?
'Detailing' is an American term that became popular in the UK a few years ago. A Detail comprises of comprehensive cleaning of a vehicle usually using a machine polisher with the addition of various polishes to enhance and correct the paint to a high standard. The use of glazes, sealants and waxes add radiance to the external finish. The interior will be finished to a high standard to give the 'as new' appearance.

Why do I need a 'Detail'?
A Detail is beneficial in many ways. If a car suffers from paint defects such as swirls, light scratches or oxidisation a detail will, in almost all cases return the paint to 'as new' condition. This negates the need for a full respray. Time is another issue for todayís owners. People donít have the time to wash their vehicle let alone polish and wax them to care for them as they would like.

It is also possible for a detailed car to be valued higher when the time comes to sell it on.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements from a simple enhancement to a full correction.
Prices start from £120 for a small car enhancement but each vehicle will be quoted when seen.

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