This stage is a critical part of the process. Time is spent cleaning all areas externally carefully removing as many contaminants as possible.

Pre treating areas such as window seals, glass gaps, bumper returns etc with a mild degreaser and various brushes help remove ingrained dirt that is often left behind.

The lower half of the vehicle is then degreased and de tarred including wheel arches.

After the above areas have been cleaned we use a high cling foam which dwells on the bodywork helping to remove more contaminants without the need for ‘rubbing’ at the dirt. The vehicle is then washed using a lambswool mitt and grit guarded buckets to help protect from further damage to the paint.

Finally the vehicle is dried using a quality drying towel and a lubricant
snow foaming the car
snow foam continues
snow foaming finish
snow foaming wheels lifts dirt
rinsing bodywork
rinsing clio
rinsing rear three quarter
drying bonnet