Carnauba wax is the most durable natural wax in existence and we use a selection of high carnauba waxes. A high end carnauba wax like Dodo Juice Supernatural gives a finish that cannot be captured in full by a picture - it really does need to be seen 'in the metal' to be appreciated. It adds a depth, warmth and 'wetness' to machine polished paint that can turn even the most normal car into one that turns heads.

After application the wax is left to cure, buffed, then rebuffed. If another layer is required, we wait 24 hours for the wax to fully bond, then apply another coat. We have applied between two to five coats during our details.

Sealants can also be used to protect the finish on the vehicle, these are ‘man made’ waxes and provide a vivid and long lasting alternative to the above.